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Mar. 28th, 2006 @ 08:58 pm Is he dead again?!
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Wow... It's been over a week since I updated this thing. I've been meaning to get to it, but things have been pretty busy lately. Okay, let's hit the bullet points.

Tuesday: Start to get over the cold, work, go home, feel bleah, sleep.

Wednesday: Getting better, wake up at 6:30, go to the corporate office to do training for the new computer system they're installing on Monday (Yay Aloha!!!), go to work, go home, sleep.

Thusday: Feel better, only day off for the week, run errands, go to daughter's softball game, go to McCovey's for dinner with daughter, a few members of her team and their parents, get home at 9:30, crash.

Friday: Went to work and got home at 5:00. At 6:00, Claudia, my mother and I picked up foogod and we went to go see the San Francisco Taiko Dojo do a show at the local high school. After that we all went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. We dropped off foogod, and I came home and went to bed.

Saturday: Can't find cell phone (Aaagh!), go to work, go home, sleep

Sunday: Still can't find my cell phone, go for haircut, come home and play xbox, go to brunch with foogod at El Torito, go to work in the evening, come home, sleep

Monday: Go to Las Lomas High to see if they have my cell phone, go to work, play with new computer system that I know more about than almost everyone else there, come home, find cell phone under bed (dumbass!), get gelato and go to Stanford's happy hour with foogod, come home, sleep

Tuesday: Go to work, unsuccessfully try to spend money at Fry's and Best Buy, come home, work on taxes, help technophobic mom pay bills online, update lj.

The rest of this week should be good. The plans so far are work tomorrow, drop off family at airport at 5am on Thursday, work Thursday night, not work Friday - Monday (taking a personal weekend), go to Great America on Monday (barring rain of course), go back to work on Tuesday. Anyway, more as events warrant (or probably even if they don't)
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