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Mar. 30th, 2006 @ 11:12 pm A whole week to myself!
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This morning I woke up at 5:30 to drop my family off at the airport. Claudia and my parents are going to Hawaii to attend my uncle's funeral. Since the girl is on spring break next week, she'll be staying until next Thursday and my parents are going to come back on the 14th so they can spend time with family. Since tickets are uber-expensive right now, I am staying back to hold down the fort. I am, however, taking this weekend off from work to spend some off time by myself.

In other news, I had an interesting occurence at work tonight.

These two ladies came in, and I went through my normal greet with them. They were all ready to order when I got there, so I proceeded to sell them a bottle of wine and took their food orders. It turns out that one of them has a son that used to work in the restaurant, so I chatted with them for a minute. Anyway, when I was about to leave, I did my usual, "Is there anything else I can get you at the moment?" Now, I'm used to getting a lot of cute responses to this all the time (i.e. bag of money, a million dollars, winning lottery tickets, etc.) btw, as a server, most of the time, this is not usually funny or cute. I will most definitely get you anything you might really need, but I've heard this five billion times before and I don't usually have time for it. But I digress. So when I asked them about anything else, the lady with the son who used to work here points to her friend and says, "A date." That's definitely one I don't hear very often. So I look over at the other lady and she's probably in her mid to late 30's and is by no means unattractive. While I am looking at her, her friend continues to say, "Yeah, she needs a date with a good guy."

Now for those who *really* know me, you all know (and actually believe) that completely opposite from the way I normally *act* I'm really a very shy person and usually wouldn't be terribly forward, but without skipping a beat I immediately blurted out, "What are you doing this weekend?" She replied, "Working" I asked what she was specifically doing Sunday evening, and she said, "Are you asking me out?" To which I immediately responded, "Yes."

She seemed flattered but looked kinda awkward (I can imagine the last thing she expected this evening was to have her friend do this to her and have the person actually respond), so I left it at that and went about my business. From that point on, I treated them like any other table and checked back with them a couple of times to make sure that they were okay and what not. So when they were all done, I brought the check over, and they engaged me in idle conversation again, so I chatted with them for a bit. As I was leaving the table, though, I brought up Sunday again just to see if she'd bite on my offer. She said she'd have to check and let me know and asked for my number. So I guess we'll see what happens. I'm certainly not expecting anything, but it'll be interesting if something does. This is the first time I've personally had something like this happen to me at work, so I find it interesting. ^_^

Anyway, I've been up for far too long, so I'm going to bed now. Night all!
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Date:May 16th, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)


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Angles are still better than the Giants......
Miss you old Friend

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Date:May 16th, 2006 08:03 am (UTC)


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How's it going, man? Right now, just about everyone is better than the Giants. That won't stop me from being a fan. Ya know, I was just thinking about you last week (I was telling a "Got Vibes" story). ^_^ Yes, the legends are still being told. Anyway, get in touch with me again soon. Email is always checked. You should come up this summer for my birthday and bring the family.

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Date:May 16th, 2006 01:14 pm (UTC)


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I was up there for a day a few months ago to get copies of Kaitlyn's Birth Certificate. Can you believe she's going to go to school in september? I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday.

When I was up there I had some time and drove around to all the old places, even got lost a few times, brought back a lot of memories. Was hoping I could find you guys and re-establish contact.

Hope life is treating you well my friend. definitely will keep in touch. Hopefully we can make a trip in that direction soon.